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What You should Know About Teeth Bonding
17 Nov 2023

What You should Know About Teeth Bonding

Teeth bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure applied to repair broken, stained tooth/teeth. Your dentist uses a dental restorative material- composite resin- to fix your affected tooth during this procedure. It is a preferred dental procedure because it is affordable compared to other processes, including veneers and crowns.

The following vital information is on tooth bonding, risks and affordability.

Defining teeth bonding: the procedure

The procedure of teeth bonding is more straightforward than other cosmetic dental processes. In this procedure, one would not necessarily need anaesthesia – except during filling– and you also would not need to visit your dental surgeon numerous times.

At the beginning of this procedure, your dental surgeon employs a colour guide to enable him to pick the right colour that will fit your natural teeth. Your surgeon then cleans the area of your tooth and places a fluid that allows the bonding material to glue to the tooth.

Furthermore, your dentist administers the dental restorative material over the enamel and constructs a new the tooth, and finally solidifies the substance with UV rays. Your dental surgeon will after wards reshape and polish the composite when the material is cemented.

Reasons you should get teeth bonding

It can repair a deformity in a tooth. People often use bonding to fix a broken, chipped, worn or decayed tooth. This treatment process can also close the gaps in between your teeth.  It can also enhance a tooth's size. This procedure is also adopted to ensure that the teeth are of equal length.

After the procedure, you can go about your day-to-day activities as the bonding will not hold you down.

The dental bonding procedure takes roughly thirty to sixty minutes, although some may take longer due to the amount of the treatment.

Are there risks to dental bonding?

Generally, this procedure does not have any crucial risks.

However, you should note that the restorative materials used in this bonding are not as firm as it is with your regular teeth.

There are instances where the materials crack or detach from your actual tooth. However, breaking does not often occur in this procedure and luckily can usually be easily repaired.

The resin material might break if you chew on very hard substances or food or bite your nails.

If you consume liquor or smoke, you may experience a blemish in your tooth. The resin material is not as stain-proof as the other cosmetic materials.

Cost of tooth bonding

Teeth bonding costs differ according to territories, the magnitude of the procedure, and the dental surgeon's skill. Typically, you may be required to pay about 300-600 dollars for a tooth. You are expected to renew the procedure in about five to ten years.

Also, ensure that you contact your dental insurance provider before you book an appointment. This is because some insurance companies will not cover the cost for cosmetic work.

Preparing for teeth bonding

This procedure does not need any unique preparation practice, but you will need to see your dentist at see your dentist at Museum Dental Suites for a consultation for a consultation to ascertain if you are fit for the process.

If you have amore a serious tooth defect, you may not be suitable for the bonding procedure.

Care for bonded teeth

The following are tips set to enable you to care for your bonded teeth.

  • Floss and brush twice a day.
  • Stay away from hard consumables
  • Do not bite your fingernails.
  • Do away with liquid that will stain your teeth two days after the bonding
  • In six months, return for your routine check-ups and cleaning.

Final notes

Wearing a beautiful smile is a great feeling. A broad and confident smile can help boost your ego. If you have a broken or cracked tooth or are looking for a budget-friendly restoration, visit your dental surgeon for possible recommendations. If the bonding procedure isn't right for you, it is your dental surgeon's place to suggest other possible alternatives to help enhance your dental cavity.

Teeth bonding is a lovely process that can help give you a beautiful smile you have always craved. So, if you have broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, reach out to our dentist and he will be sure to advise you and provide more information with details on the cost of tooth bonding. Just book an appointment with us today, and we will be sure to make it worth it.