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Teeth straightening

Teeth Straightening

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Teeth straightening

Presently, your appearance is important and plays a vital role in either leaving a positive or negative first impression. It also affects your social life. The colour and appearance of your teeth contribute to your general appearance, so if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, it may be best to get them straightened. Straightening your teeth does not only improve your appearance but also enhances your oral health and function.

Invisalign Review | Museum Dental Suites Accredited Invisalign Provider in London
Invisalign Review | Museum Dental Suites Accredited Invisalign Provider in London

Benefits of teeth straightening

Straightening the teeth has several benefits, but here are a few of them.

  • Straightening your teeth improves the aesthetics of your smile and this, in turn, improves your self-confidence.
  • Straightening your teeth improves your dental function. When you align your teeth, you reduce the pressure exerted on them when you talk and eat.
  • Having straighter teeth makes cleaning easier, which reduces your chances of having dental issues like gum diseases and cavities.
Get Invisalign in London with Special Offers - Museum Dental Suites
Get Invisalign in London with Special Offers - Museum Dental Suites

Teeth straightening options

There are different teeth straightening options to choose from. Most are effective, and choosing one would depend on how suitable the treatment is for you. In some cases, patients need to combine one or more treatments to get perfectly straight teeth. These teeth straightening options include:

Invisalign Case

Invisalign Before Invisalign After
  • Traditional metal braces

Traditional braces consist of metal archwires and archwires, which gradually move the teeth into their perfect position. Treatment may take about 8 – 18 months, and you need to visit the dentist every 4 – 6 weeks to adjust the bracket and wire.

This patient was unhappy with her overbite and her crowded lower teeth. We improved her smile with invisalign and cosmetic contouring.

Case 3 Befor Case 3 After
Case 4 Befor Case 4 After
  • Incognito braces

They are also known as lingual braces. They are similar to traditional metal braces but fitted at the back of the teeth, where the tongue lies. They are custom-made, and the treatment may last for about 6 – 24 months, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

  • Invisalign

Invisalign are a set of clear aligners. They straighten the teeth within 6 – 18 months, and you can remove them during your treatment to clean your teeth and eat. The Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligners, which you would change every two weeks. You need to wear the aligners for about 22 hours daily. The two hours left would be to floss, brush, drink and eat.

The aligners gradually move the teeth, and you would visit your dentist every 6 – 8 weeks to check how your treatment progresses.

  • Inman aligners

Inman aligners are among the fastest teeth straightening options. You can use it if you straightened your teeth in the past and had a relapse. People no longer have limited teeth straightening options as this type of aligners work like fixed braces, although they are more expensive.

If you do not want to wear traditional braces for a long time but want to straighten your front teeth, you can have your perfect set of teeth within 6 – 16 weeks.

  • Clear or tooth-coloured braces

These are an alternative to traditional braces. They use the bracket and wire systems to move the teeth into their perfect positions, but the materials are either made of clear or tooth-coloured material. The treatment lasts for about 12 months, and the braces are not easily noticeable.

Invisalign Case

Case 16 Befor Case 16 After
Case 9 Befor Case 9 After
  • Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of porcelain materials, fitted in front of the teeth. You can use veneers to close gaps, lighten your teeth' shade, fix crowded, protruding or misaligned teeth. You can get veneers fitted in two dental visits.

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reviews-star.pngHave been coming to museum dental to see Dr Shakir for 4/5 years now, can’t stress enough how happy I am to have found this practice. The results of my Invisalign are perfect, and all the future treatments I’ve had with him have all been excellent and painless. If you’re in need of dental treatment please don’t bother going anywhere but Museum. Thanks to Dr Shakir and his team.

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reviews-star.pngI had Nicole as my hygienist and I must say…. BEST experience I have had at the dentist in London. She made me feel comfortable and at ease and didn’t hesitate warmly to answer all of my questions!!!

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reviews-star.pngThe Museum Dental Suites team’s availability, warmth, and high-quality care in a very stressful and challenging dental emergency situation was incredible. We were in the city for a short time just days before I had to deliver a presentation at a large conference in Berlin when a crown on a live tooth came loose! Of course, this was on a Saturday evening to boot. In short, the team was able to get us in the next morning, get my crown not just comfortably but securely re-seated for the duration of the trip, literally making it possible to complete our journey safely and happily.

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reviews-star.pngMuseum Dental Suite is undeniably the epitome of dental excellence worldwide! Having been a loyal patient since 2017, my commitment to Fabrizio and his exceptional team remains steadfast. The service & expertise offered by the team at Museum Dental Suite truly set them apart as the premier dental center, making it an unwavering choice that I wouldn't dream of changing!

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