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We are proud to provide Invisalign in London with special discount offers to help you achieve straighter teeth. If your teeth are crooked, improperly shaped, overcrowded or gaps in between them, then Invisalign may help to correct these problems by getting them straightened for your confident look. Whether you are residing in London or anywhere in the UK, Museum Dental Suites is the best place for having a straighter smile with nearly invisible orthodontic braces. We feel proud to announce that we are recently upgraded to a Platinum Invisalign Provider.

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Invisalign - Museum Dental Suites

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of invisible orthodontic aligners that can help to straighten teeth with a series of clear aligners. In the past, there were brackets and metal wires that had been the only option to overcome the problem of misaligned teeth. Now, Invisalign can be used in shifting teeth to their actual position through a set of removable aligners. These virtually invisible braces are completely transparent and so, others will not know you are wearing them during the treatment.

Being almost invisible to everyone, these braces are considered to be the best alternative for metal braces. Unlike other kinds of traditional braces, these can be removed completely and then worn again after you are done with brushing, flossing, eating and drinking.

Different Types of Invisalign

Invisalign Full

It is a great option for fixing complex dental conditions. It takes more than 6 months to make difficult corrections.

Invisalign i7

It can be the best option for minor correction. It can correct the teeth and its position within 3 - 5 months.DISCOVER MORE

Invisalign Lite

This treatment is a good choice for patients who need moderate corrections. Your teeth will move position in just 6 - 8 months. DISCOVER MORE

Is Invisalign right for you?

Invisalign - Museum Dental Suites
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We are more than pleased to straighten teeth of several patients for a long time with Invisalign treatment and as a result of this great achievement, we have recently upgraded to a Platinum Invisalign Provider.

Our dentists have already attained the best training that helps in treating more complex orthodontic cases. You may get in touch with us at 0207 183 0886 or book a consultation today.

Different orthodontic issues can be treated with Invisalign


This takes place when the upper jaw and teeth stick out over the lower teeth. When there is an overbite, then this can wear down the teeth, cause joint problems and gum problems. There is also a chance of these teeth being more likely to chip and break as they are too far forward.

Crowded Teeth
Crowded Teeth

This is when the teeth and crooked and crossed over usually because there is not enough space for them in the jaw arch. When your crowded teeth are left untreated, it might be really difficult to clean causing more tart are build up, stains and can ultimately cause gum disease, plaque, and tooth decay.


This usually occurs due to a larger lower jaw or variations in the jawbone and tooth growth causing bite problems and cosmetic issues. This can hinder the proper functioning of the teeth and poor tooth positions.

Gap Teeth
Gapped Teeth

If there are some gaps in between the teeth, then this might take place because of unusual growth of the jawbone or lack of adjacent teeth that enable them to shift into their desired position. Gapped teeth can cause discomfort as well as periodontal disease.

Open Bite
Open Bite

An open bite generally happens when the teeth in your lower and upper jaws do not meet properly usually and the front but sometimes at the back. Apart from the genetic reasons, thumb sucking is another reason for an open bite.


This occurs when your lower and upper jaws and teeth have been misaligned so far that they cross over each other to form a reverse bite position. This can be the reason for bite and chewing difficulties, periodontal disease due to difficult access to tooth brushing, and teeth wear and damage due to pressure on non-usual parts of the teeth.

Is Invisalign right for you?

Invisalign - Museum Dental Suites

Advantages of wearing Invisalign braces

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is a good and alternative way to getyour teeth straightened and it help in boosting confidence levels and great aesthetic smiles. Yet, the treatment has more benefits over traditional braces for teeth straightening that include:

  • Almost invisible:
    Invisalign aligners are clear and remain almost invisible inside the mouth. It is just hardly possible for others to know you are wearing clear aligners.
  • Comfortable to wear:
    Invisalign trays are designed from smooth and flexible plastic. Like the wires and metal brackets, these trays provide greater comfort for your cheeks, lips and gums.
  • Delivers quick results:
    When compared to the conventional teeth-straightening methods, Invisalign ensures to deliver quick results. These braces require usually 6 to 12 months toprovide the results, on average. For less complicated cases related to teeth straightening, it will provide the results in a few weeks but may rarely need up to 18 months.
  • Easily removable:
    One of the major benefits of wearing the clear braces is that they can be incorporated easily with your lifestyle. You can remove the aligners for enjoying your favourite foods and drinks throughout the treatment period.

Is Invisalign right for you?

How does Invisalign work?

It works by using a series of clear aligners that are placed over and around the teeth, with each one tailored to the individual’s own specifications to provide a unique, customised solution. Each aligner needs to be worn for 7 to 14 days before moving onto the next aligner in the series, your dentist will discuss this with you as the treatment progresses. This is a precise and carefully planned process; shifting teeth gradually until they reach their final position. We will keep a keen eye on the progress to be sure that everything is moving correctly and in the right direction.

It is important to wear these aligners for 20 and 22 hours in a day for the best results. You can remove them when you are eating, drinking brushing and flossing. This means you can enjoy eating your favourite foods during the treatment and maintain good oral hygiene.

Invisalign - Museum Dental Suites
5 steps towards your perfect smile! 1. See our dentist
2. Creating your customised aligners
3. Obtain your own set of aligners
4. Wear your clear aligners properly
5. Complete your treatment

Step by Step Treatment Procedure

  • Visit your Invisalign provider at the clinic
    During the first appointment, the orthodontist will help you to choose the right course of treatment for your case. He will then take biting teeth impressions and then send them away for the planning and production of your customised aligners.
  • Create your customised invisible aligners
    With the help of 3D imaging technology, we will be able to modify your tooth impressions into customised series of removable and clear aligners, your bite will also looked at and corrected if needs be. There might be as many as 30 in the series or fewer than 12, based on your exact requirement.
  • Get your set of clear braces
    At the next visit, you will obtain the first set of aligners. Your dentist will provide some additional sets that you need to wear before returning for the next visit.
  • Wear your clear braces properly
    You will have to wear each aligner for at least two weeks, remove them only at the time of eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. You have to see your dentist every six weeks to find out if the treatment is progressing well. The treatment time usually ranges from 6 to 18 months.
  • Complete the treatment
    The treatment ends when you wear each set of aligners according to the specified time, as suggested by your private orthodontic interested dentist. If you want to maintain your brighter and confident smile, then make sure you place fixed wire retainers and wear the removable eretainers at night for at least six months, and then a few times a week, as suggested by your Invisalign provider.

Is Invisalign right for you?

Invisalign - Museum Dental Suites

Aftercare for Invisalign

You have to keep wearing retainers after your treatment successfully finished. This ensures the teeth don’t sink back to their initial positions once you stop wearing the aligner trays. However, aftercare isn’t only about wearing retainers. There’re more to it.

  • Don’t ignore daily brushing and flossing:
    Once the treatment is over, brush the teeth twice daily using a fluoride toothpaste and floss or use an interdental brush once. If your teeth are prone to cavities, using a fluoride mouthwash will prove helpful. These are routine actions in oral hygiene and so it is
    expected that you can handle them easily.
  • Visit us for routine checkups and cleanings:
    Regular cleaning of the teeth by a trained and professional hygienist is an important aspect in your aftercare routine. This ensures, plaque buildup in your mouth is removed before it can trigger gum disease.
  • Take a balanced diet:
    There’s no better alternative to a balanced diet to keep your teeth and the gums healthy and strong after a successful teeth straightening treatment. Include green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your every day diet as well as dairy products that are low in fat content. Cut down on sweets and fizzy drinks as much as you can after completing your treatment procedure.
  • Use mouthguard while playing any contact sports:
    Contact sports or outdoor adventure activities make you prone to dental trauma. Slipping on a mouthguard is an inexpensive yet effective way to protect your teeth and the jaws from dental trauma.

Speed up Process for Invisalign Treatment

You can speed up Invisalign treatment by following basic guidelines and instructions of your orthodontist. These guidelines can help to lessen the treatment time which include:

  • Maintain improve d dental health
    When Invisalign method is done, it is necessary for the patient to maintain improved dental health. If your teeth and gums are not in good condition, then the treatment won’t work properly and improper oral health may cause delay with the teeth straightening process.
  • Wear your braces for 20 to 22 hours in a day
    You are advised to wear the aligners for the recommended number of hours daily else, it will slow down the Invisalign treatment. Most orthodontist suggest that the Invisalign users need to wear the aligners for at least 20 hours in a day for the treatment to become effective and get completed within the specified time. The remaining two hours in a day is kept for eating, drinking, brushing and cleaning your teeth. Due to unavoidable circumstances, many people cannot abide by the 20-22 hour guideline, but if you want the treatment to be effective, you have to wear the braces for not less than 20 hours daily.
  • Clean your clear braces
    You can use a toothbrush and a tooth paste for cleaning the braces like you do for your teeth. The presence of bacteria in the aligners may break them down and make the aligners less effective even before they have been changed to a new set.
    Please use aligner cleaners such as retainerbrite on a daily basis.
  • Do not eat lots of sugar
    During the Invisalign method, it is essential to maintain improved dental health. This means you should not eat lots of sugar, acidic foods or beverages. Some things such as candy or soda may attack your teeth that can lead to decay. Your teeth cannot be move into a straight position when they get decayed. The treatment procedure will be safer when a healthy diet is being maintained.
  • Get attachments when the orthodontist suggests it
    Earlier, Invisalign was only used for correcting minor oral misalignments, but the Invisalign system has improved a lot and can now be used for treating an extensive range of misalignments. The improved procedure uses attachments known as buttons that can speed up the treatment by exerting more pressure on a specific tooth/teeth that require quicker movement.
  • Speak with an orthodontist
    If you are extremely worried that your Invisalign treatment isn’t going as quickly as it should, then you should speak with an orthodontist to find suitable ways that may speed up the procedure. The speed-up options listed above might not be suitable for you yet it is necessary for your orthodontist to assess the entire case and find out whether you are the right candidate for other methods of improvement. Your daily routine habits might be deterrent to Invisalign method and your orthodontist may point out these bad habits while conversing with you.
    There are other people too who want to speed up the Invisalign method and you may visit an orthodontist for discussing as bout different ways to speed up the procedure.

Cost for Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment will start at about £1900 rising to around £4500. Prices will depend on the issues to be corrected and the length of time needed for the alignment of your smile will depend on this and any other orthodontic issues.

Special Invisalign Offers up to £1000 OFF

At Museum Dental Suites, we offer great deals and discounts on Invisalign from time to time. Currently, we’ve launched a special offer to let you get up to £1000 off on Invisalign braces.

  • Invisalign i7 offer packages:
    It is offered at £1900 which is seven sets of aligners top and bottom (price normally £2599).
  • Invisalign Lite offer packages:
    Up to fourteen sets of aligners in the Invisalign Lite Package offered for £2650. This Package includes a two year guarantee to protect against a relapse, three Invisalign Vivera retainer sets as well as home tooth whitening with other benefits (price normally £3499).
  • Invisalign Full offer packages:
    £3650 for the Invisalign Comprehensive package (for greater than fourteen aligners sets). This Comprehensive Package Offer will include a 2 year guarantee to protect you from relapse as well as three sets of Invisalign Vivera retainers and home tooth whitening plus other benefits (price normally £4499).
  • Invisalign®️ for complex cases packages: £4250
    This package includes, fixing complicated dental and bite problems, Records of 3D scan, X-rays and photos, 3D Virtual treatment process. Over 30 Aligners in for 11 to 18 months of treatment time. Two Refinements included with additional aligners chargeable at £45 each. 3 sets of removable Vivera Retainers for your upper and lower teeth.

This offer is valid till the end of this month.
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Why choose us for Invisalign in London

Platinum Invisalign Provider – We are Your Trusted Partner

We feel great pride for becoming the platinum Invisalign provider in London. Our team has helped innumerable people in getting their teeth straightened and improving their smiles.

Our experienced dentist Dr. Wahab Shakir oversees all of our Invisalign cases. Every provider does not possess necessary expertise and confidence level for dealing with the most complex cases. So, if you are not the right candidate for wearing aligners, then we will be more than happy to see you for getting a complimentary and second opinion.

Flexible Finance Options Available at Our Clinic

0% finance over 12 months:

If the patients want to pay monthly, we offer 0% interest-free for 12 months with Tabeo, where patients apply for the finance and they send them the link to confirm. when we receive the confirmation you can start your treatment.

Pay in 3 instalments:

A non-refundable £650 payment will be made at your first appointment at the same time that we take impressions for your aligners. When the clinic is receiving another payment of half the remaining balance will be made with the third and final payment when the aligners are fitted.

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FAQs on Invisalign Braces

Invisalign is the ideal teeth straightening procedure in cases of teeth misalignment ranging from mild to moderate. Please feel to discuss every thing related to it with our orthodontist.

We have different Invisalign packages which consist of removable and clear retainers as well as fixed retainers. These seem to be attached behind the teeth for your peace of mind. You have to wear the braces for a certain period and then replace them with the new set in the series.

The treatment time requires 12 to 18 months, on an average but might vary from one person to the other. During the initial consultation, your dentist will suggest the right kind of aligners for you and then decide the time needed for the entire procedure.

These orthodontic aligners are so discreet that they literally remain invisible inside your mouth. Hardly any one will know that you’re wearing them unless you voluntarily share the information.

This is quite possible as there is sufficient space behind your protruding teeth for them to fall into. There are certain cases when it might appear that the front teeth, particularly the two front teeth seem to protrude when it is not. This takes place when your lateral teeth on either side of the two front teeth seem to be retruded or they are not forward enough. When compared to the retruded ones, it might seem like the two front teeth are sticking out more than they should.

In such a situation, you will have to opt for dental bonding which builds your retruded lateral teeth on the sides by bringing them forward. This lets the two front teeth not appear extremely protruded.

You may have a slight lisp at the beginning, but that problem will be solved on its own within the first few days. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about in this context.

Invisalign aligners were designed to expose you to greater comfort in teeth straightening treatment as compared to the conventional metal wires and braces. The aligners are made from transparent polycrystalline alumina, which is a smooth and transparent material developed by NASA. Moreover, teeth straightening with invisalign involves no metal brackets or wires to avoid discomfort on patients’ part.

You need to wear your aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to ensure desired results. You just slip off the aligners from the teeth during a meal or while following dental hygiene routine like brushing and flossing. You even go to sleep at night with the aligners on.

Invisalign attachments are very tiny tooth-coloured buttons that are attached to your teeth to facilitate their movement in desired direction. You’ve to wear these buttons if your orthodontist suggests.

If you lose an aligner or two, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. Our expert will provide a stopgap solution to prevent your teeth moving out of line. Considering your condition, our dentist may also suggest you to move straight to the next aligner set.

Yes, you will have to wear the retainers to ensure your teeth don’t sink back to their initial position once you stop wearing the Invisalign aligners. Our expert will provide you with fixed and removable retainers right after your invisalign treatment.

Usually, the patients need to wear the braces for a certain period say, 12 to 22 hours during the first 3 to 6 months after the treatment is done. During night time, you need to wear for the next 6 to 12 months and beyond and 3 to 5 times each week after one year and ahead.

To provide you with extensive information on invisalign braces, the Museum Dental Suite offers a consultation appointment. Please contact us to book your consultation appointment. Just give us a call on 0207 183 0886 to book a consultation today!

NHS orthodontic care is not generally available for the adults. But it may sometimes be approved depending on the case of the patient. Regretfully, you will probably not be given Invisalign braces. So, whatever might be your age, NHS treatment is usually done with the help of metal train track braces. Please note that we are private provider and do not offer any NHS treatment.

Invisalign is really worth it when it is performed correctly. These braces usually work the best for teenagers and adults who suffer from mild-to-moderate orthodontic problems. The cases that are especially complicated or severe might require more precise control of a tooth than what a removable aligner may offer.

Invisalign Before After Results

Invisalign Case

invisalign before 2 invisalign after 2

Invisalign and Bonding

Composite Bonding Case before 3 Composite Bonding Case after 3

Invisalign Case

Invisalign london before nvisalign london After
invisalign before 1 invisalign after 1

Invisalign Case

Case 16 Befor Case 16 After
Case 9 Befor Case 9 After

Invisalign Case

Case 3 Befor Case 3 After
Case 4 Befor Case 4 After

Invisalign and Teeth whitening

invisalign and teeth whitening before invisalign and teeth whitening after

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We are more than pleased to straighten teeth of several patients for a long time with Invisalign treatment and as a result of this great achievement, we have recently upgraded to a Platinum Invisalign Provider.



reviews-star.pngHighly recommend Museum Dental Suite. Their work is of the highest calibre, professional and friendly. I'm very thankful they for excellent aftercare advice and for making me relaxed and so well treated. I've recommended them to both my family and friends.


reviews-star.pngI have been undertaking a cosmetic treatment (Invisalign) for around eight months here, off the back of a recommendation of a friend who had the same treatment. The professionalism and perfectionism with which my treatment was delivered was outstanding, as was the general service and were all of the staff I encountered.

My dentist Dr. Wahab Shakir was particularly great, with a friendly, reassuring manner and an eye for detail. He always went above and beyond, without ever being asked.

I'm now almost at the end of my treatment and couldn't be more pleased with how treatment has gone. Given the service and end result I'd also consider it excellent value for money.

Keep up the good work Museum Dental Suites!


reviews-star.pngFirstly what a great dentist, all the staff were friendly and very helpful as this was my first time here.

I had called for an emergency appointment due to a sudden cracked tooth and Dr Wahab Shakir despite the end of day fast approaching (30 minutes till close) he said he would see me.

The treatment was not straight forward due to the crack but Dr Shakir after a lengthy time managed to save the tooth/restore it and prevent what I believe most dentists would have done which install a crown - Thank you!

Highly recommend this dentist and service and I am grateful for not only seeing me within an hour but also staying passed closing time and finally for doing a Stella job.


reviews-star.pngThis is a top notch dentist who makes you feel at ease which for someone liked me is important. The staff are very professional, polite, courteous and friendly. Marios, my dentist is extremely patient and cares about your dental care and the service you receive. Just received my new dentures and they have been done to a very high standard and am very pleased. I have nothing but praise for the staff and the treatment/service I received.


reviews-star.pngBest dentist ever hands down. Least painful and least scary experiences here (I'm usually really scared of going to the dentist, and even find the initial anaesthetic injection painful) - they really care about the patient, and making sure you're comfortable, results are also fab. Seriously can't imagine a better dentist!


reviews-star.pngAfter lots of research I was very happy with the results and the service at Museum Dental. 100% I would recommend to a friend. I couldn't be more pleased.

Look your best, feel your best, expect the best.