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Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding

From only £260

Composite Bonding in London

Restore Your Smile with Teeth Bonding from Only £260

Composite bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in London that helps to improve the appearance of teeth. It is a white filling material, used to change the shape and colour of your teeth. This helps to boost your confidence levels by repairing the chipped or cracked teeth.

You can contact our dental clinic for composite bonding in London. We have great expertise in performing composite resin bonding for your smile makeovers. We will help you regain your attractive smile by performing the procedure in safe hands. Most teeth bonding procedures are completed in a single visit at our clinic, with little to no enamel removal. We usually don't use any anaesthetic except when there is any chance of experiencing pain.

Schedule your appointment at our clinic today and let us help you achieve the smile you've always wanted!

Before and after Invisalign lite with teeth whitening and bonding

Invisalign lite Before Invisalign lite After
Invisalign lite Before 1 Invisalign lite After 1

Full upper set of bonding reshaping the smile and face. extremely happy patient

Bonding Before 3 Bonding After 3
Bonding After 3

Composite Bonding Case

Bonding Before 3 Bonding After 3
Bonding Before 4 Bonding After 4
Invisalign and Bonding before 5 Invisalign and Bonding after 5
Teeth whitening & bonding before 2 Teeth whitening & bonding after 2
Teeth whitening & bonding before 1 Teeth whitening & bonding after 1
Dental Bonding to Close a Gap before Dental Bonding to Close a Gap After
Composite Bonding Case before 1 Composite Bonding Case after 1
Composite Bonding Case before 2 Composite Bonding Case after 2
Case 10 Befor Case 10 After
Case 11 Befor Case 11 After
Case 11 Befor Case 11 After

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a modern teeth restoration procedure for cosmetic purposes. The dentist applies a tooth-coloured bonding material on teeth to improve the appearance. This cosmetic solution can be used for repairing your chipped, stained or gapped teeth.

Composite bonding can be used for:

  • Repairing the damaged, cracked or chipped teeth
  • Improving the appearance of your teeth
  • Closing the gaps between the teeth
  • Making your teeth appear longer
  • Modifying  your teeth shape
  • Securing and improving the root of your tooth that has been exposed when your gums begin to recede

Benefits of Composite Bonding

It is among the least invasive procedure for improving your smile. It has several benefits such as:

  • Improve the natural color of teeth.
  • Ensure aesthetic and functional results.
  • Minimal or no drilling of tooth is required and so, no injection will usually be required.
  • Most cases can be solved with one appointment only.
  • Rare chances of failure and can be fixed easily.
  • Lessened costs due to reduced laboratory charges.

Step by Step Procedure

Invisalign and Bonding Case

Invisalign and Bonding before 1 Invisalign and Bonding after 1
Invisalign and Bonding before 2 Invisalign and Bonding after 2
  • At first, our cosmetic dentist uses a shade guide to choose a composite resin color that perfectly matches with natural color of your teeth.
  • In the next step, the dentist etches damaged tooth lightly to roughen the surface. A bonding liquid will then be applied to your tooth. The liquid works to form of adhesive surface on the tooth.
  • Once the preparation is over, the dentist will mould tooth-coloured resin to offer the correct tooth shape. Then, it can be hardened through UV rays.
  • The hardened material of cosmetic bonding is trimmed and shaped for the final time. Finally, it will be polished till it matches with the rest of your tooth surface.

Aftercare Instructions for Your Composite Bonded Teeth

Dental bonding is prone to chips and stains like other procedures. So, the basic aftercare is required in order to keep the bonded teeth appear natural. Below are some great tips for keeping the bonded teeth in proper condition:

  • Brush at least two times in a day and floss daily
  • Do not eat hard foods and candies if possible
  • Try to avoid nail biting
  • Restrict yourself from drinking tea, coffee and tobacco in the first two days when the treatment is done to prevent unwanted stains
  • Fix your routine dental checkups and mouth cleanings in every six months

It is suggested that you visit a dentist when you accidentally break or chip the bonding material. Also, when you feel any rough or sharp edges after the procedure, your dentist can help to repair this problem.

Composite Bonding Case

Bonding Before Bonding After
Bonding Before 2 Bonding after 2
Case 14 Before Case 19 After
Composite Bonding Case before 3 Composite Bonding Case after 3
Composite Bonding Case before 1 Composite Bonding Case after 1

Cost of Composite Bonding at Museum Dental Suites

The cost of composite bonding will depend on the complexity, experience and time required for completing the job. Since different options that composite provides might vary, the cost involved will differ too. So, a small filling or addition begins from £260 to £400 per tooth. This might be subjected to change and you can see through our fees page to get further details. Our fees allow composite bonding treatment to be done at a lower price than porcelain veneers. Finance is available at our clinic to make the procedure affordable for everyone.


Is composite bonding a suitable option for me?

It is a great choice for repairing your chipped teeth. By using formulated bonding material, the dentist can restore your tooth. It will create a blemish free surface to prevent further damage. The best way to know about the right treatment for you is to book an initial consultation with our dentist. He will give you a proper advice whether bonding will provide the desirable results or not.

How bonding can help to straighten my teeth?

It can help to straighten your teeth artificially. It makes the front surfaces of your teeth line up and look straight.

Is the Composite dental procedure painful?

No, it is not painful. The treatment helps to change the tooth shape and close the gaps without damaging your tooth.

Does tooth bonding can cause damage to my teeth?

Dental bonding involves minimal risks. You need to keep in mind that composite resin used with is not as strong as natural teeth. It is quite possible for the material to separate or chip from real tooth. Breaking or chipping is slightly less likely to take place with a veneer or crown.

How long will bonding last?

The lifespan of bonding materials for your teeth actually depends on how much bonding had been done and your oral care habits. Typically, the bonding material lasts from three years to 10 years on an average before they need to be replaced.

Is it possible to whiten composite bonding?

The bonding material won’t respond to whitening material as the teeth do. But there is definitely a suitable solution. You will have to replace the bonding material within a week or two after your teeth get whitened. It helps to ensure the composite matches with the shade of your teeth. It is quite easy to place composite on your teeth.

Is dental bonding permanent?

It is not a permanent solution to cosmetic dental problems though it is long-lasting. Many patients try to keep dental bonding for at least 10 years or more by taking its proper care. After this, they undergo a bonding treatment for their natural teeth.

Can bonding be taken off teeth?

Yes, you can remove it and the method is reversible. This additive treatment will not result in damage to tooth structure when removing it.

Do bonded teeth need special care and attention?

Well, not exactly but like all teeth, they need to be brushed and flossed daily. At the same time, you should get them cleaned by the professionals at the dental office at least twice a year. Bonded teeth may get stained from red wine, coffee and tobacco but cannot be lightened like regular teeth. So, if you want to perform tooth whitening, make sure to get it done before your teeth have been bonded.

How long can I eat after tooth bonding?

You need not wait after your appointment for eating or drinking. But you should be more careful in the first 2 days until you get used to your bite and the new length and thickness of the teeth.

What should I not do after bonding?

It is suggested that you try not to eat and drink foods and drinks that may cause stain to the dental bonding easily. According to your dentist, the composite material used in the method is prone to stains over time. It is best that you do reduce your consumption of foods and drinks such as tea, sports drinks, wine, berries, sauces or dark colored candies.

Can I get composite bonding on the NHS?

No, you will not find composite bonding on the NHS in the UK in the form of a cosmetic treatment. But it is here at Museum Dental Suites privately.

Does it worth to get composite bonding?

Composite bonding is the perfect treatment option to close small gaps between the teeth. This is necessary either for one gap or several small gaps between all the teeth. You will get the amazing results of bonding.

Composite Bonding Case

Case 12 Befor Case 12 After
Case 13 Befor Case 13 After

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