Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in London

A bright white smile is an attractive quality in any person. However, over time our teeth tend to lose their whiteness, turning a dull yellow colour instead.

Numerous factors can cause your teeth to lose their lustre, including dental hygiene habits, consuming foods and drinks that stain your teeth and the use of tobacco products, as well as the natural ageing process and genetics.

Luckily, teeth whitening therapies have been developed to help bring your smile back to its previous glory – and here at Museum Dental Suites, our team of cosmetic dental professionals have extensive experience in giving you a glamorous grin.

How Can Your Teeth be Whitened?

There are two main ways that you can have your teeth whitened, and the right choice depends on your preferences, as well as your dentist’s recommendation.

One option is laser treatments – these are performed at your dental suite and involve a whitening gel being applied to your teeth, followed by shining a laser into your mouth to activate the chemicals in the gel. The process takes about an hour.

The other option is a home whitening kit, such as Enlighten. With this whitening treatment, your dentist will first take an impression of your teeth. This is to make a mouth tray that suits the shape of your teeth.

Once the customised mouth tray has been created, your dentist will give you a special bleaching gel and detailed instructions about what to do when you get home. In most cases, the gel will be placed in the tray and the tray put in your mouth for a specified period of time. Home whitening therapies generally require regular treatments over the course of three to four weeks – although some treatments can be completed within a week.

Maintaining Your Dazzling Smile

Whether you’ve finished a teeth whitening treatment, or are trying to keep your smile brilliant and white naturally, it’s important to pay careful attention to your oral hygiene, as proper dental care can help to keep your teeth in good condition.

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis are essential for maintaining a bright white smile, and you should see your dentist every six months, or as otherwise recommended, for examinations.

Certain foods and drinks – such as tea, coffee and red wine – can cause your teeth to become stained, so it can be a good idea to avoid these, as well as tobacco products. This is especially true right after a whitening treatment when your teeth will be more prone to staining.

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