Cracked Teeth

Cracked Teeth

Cracked Teeth

Teeth can break and chip quite randomly causing patients unwanted pain, discomfort and a very visible and obvious missing part of a tooth when smiling. This is especially important if the broken tooth is at the front of the mouth.

The chipping of a tooth can be painful and many patients worry about the chance of further breakage or infection. It can cause embarrassment and will need urgent treatment to remedy the situation.

Teeth can chip for a number of reasons such as biting on a hard piece of food, a fall, an accident, sometimes teeth chip due to tooth grinding habits also. Too much acid and sugary food and drink can thin the enamel of the teeth leaving sharp and translucent edges that can chip off.

We at Museum Dental Suites are highly trained in the skills needed to restore cracked teeth back to their natural beauty. We use the most modern materials and equipment to treat this problem. It is treatment that needs years of training and experience to do well. If the cracked tooth is a back tooth the fix can be as straightforward as a filling or as complex as a root canal treatment or a crown. In most cases front teeth can usually be fixed with tooth coloured composite filling materials.

The materials we use use are chameleon like taking on the charicteristics of the tooth. All teeth are different shapes and shades. Our dentists will always examine the issue give you a cost estimate before beginning and then carry out the treatment. We will make sure you are completely  happy with the tooth before your treatment is completed.

As for larger breakages or multiple cracked teeth. A more extensive plan involving possible root canal therapy and crowns will be organized to bring your teeth back to good functional strength with an aesthetic smile to be proud of.


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