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Emergency Dentures

Emergency Dentures

Emergency dentures in just 3 days

If you have broken or damaged teeth by accident and need an immediate solution or your existing dentures are broken or worn down, you can get emergency dentures. You do not have to manage the broken dentures or go about without teeth. Broken dentures may lead to oral trauma, so ensure you visit Museum Dental Suites for dentures.

If you have missing teeth, it may affect your oral functions and give you a sunken facial appearance. You may also have reduced self-confidence if your teeth are missing, and there is also the risk of your bone and gum tissues shrinking. When you replace your missing teeth, you end up with a beautiful smile and restore your oral health.

The fix for emergency teeth loss, dentures are a temporary fix, and you use them while you wait for the permanent dentures. In cases where your existing dentures become damaged, you can get the temporary dentures.

What damages dentures?

Dentures materials are durable,but,they can still get damaged if you drop them on hard surfaces. If your dentures do not fit your mouth properly, it can cause breakage or damage, and you may need to change your dentures as your mouth contour changes.

Dentures are made of either metal, resin or acrylic, and it is common for parts of thesematerials to wear down faster than others because of increased dental pressure. Your oral condition is also a contributing factor in wearing down of your dentures because different oral conditions have different effects on dentures.

It is important to monitor your dentures' condition, so you can get immediate repair when any problem arises. This ensures the functionality and stability of your dentures and also saves you the embarrassment of your dentures getting damaged and falling off in public.

If you have mildly damaged dentures like a tiny crack or chip, get a professional to check the damage and correct it instead of letting it wear down as you may be at risk of oral trauma. If the dentures get broken, ensure you bring all the pieces to your emergency appointment to hasten the restoration. You can preserve your dentures by replacing them and in some cases, getting a new one is the best option.

Emergency Dentures Case

Emergency Dentures Before
Emergency Dentures After

How do you make dentures?

At our clinic, we make dentures with acrylic plastic. The dentist will take your teeth impressions or mould then choose a suitable colour for the dentures. The dentist will send the impressions and colour to the dental technician to make the dentures. Making the dentures may take a few hours, but you would get your dentures before the end of the day.

If several teeth are missing or need a complete denture, making the dentures would take a long time because you would need several measurements. If this is the case, your dentures will take about 24 hours to be ready.

Do dentures and regular denture require the same method of production?

Yes, they do. The procedure used to make dentures is the same as dentures. The only difference is that the technician gives you preference because it is an emergency. The procedure involves the same steps, but the cost is different. dentures are more expensive than dentures that take several days to make because the technician will come to the clinic to make the dentures instead of making them in their lab, which takes a couple of days.

Repairing broken dentures

If your dentures are broken, keep the pieces together, and give them to your dentist when you arrive at the clinic. It may be possible to repair your dentures in one day, but if the dentures are broken into little pieces, you will get emergency dentures while the dentist assesses your original dentures.

Although, home denture repair kits are available, opt for a professional to perform the repair. Repairing your dentures only gives you a temporary fix, so you still need to visit your dentist. Your dentist or dental technician needs to assess your dentures and perform long-term repair on them.

You are at risk of having gum irritation and oral trauma if you wear self-fixed dentures. The dental bond in home denture repair kits is not as strong as those used by professionals. Your dentist is the best person to either repair the dentures or make a replacement.

Assessing the repair of dentures

You will first schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist to arrange for an emergency denture. The dentist will take your teeth moulds or impressions to make the temporary dentures within a day. The dentist will repair the previous dentures with a strong bond or make replacement dentures for you.

Care and maintenance of dentures

When you get your dentures, ensure you care for them to last long. Ensure you include your denture care in your daily oral hygienic practice. Visit your dentist to check for wear and tear of the dentures, to replace or adjust the dentures.

Ensure you remove your dentures for cleaning in a bowl containing water. Gently drop the dentures in the bowl, so it does not get broken.

Alternatives to dentures

Dentures are suitable for people with missing teeth due to decay, gum disease, infection or injury. Overtime, the mouth contour changes and the dentures loosen, so you need to adjust and replace them. If you do not want dentures, you can opt for dental implants.

Dental implants are titanium posts used for replacement of the teeth root. The dental implants fuse to your jawbone and serve as an anchor for dental prostheses. With implants, you don't have to worry about shifting or ill-fitting dentures, and you can have natural-looking teeth which improve the aesthetics of your smile and oral function.

If your dentures are damaged, or you have lost some of your teeth due to an injury or accident, visit Museum Dental Suites today for emergency dentures. Our dentist and dental technicians are always available to offer you dentures.


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