Tooth Contouring

Tooth Contouring

Tooth Contouring in London

When it comes to having a beautiful smile, the whiteness and straightness of your teeth are probably the first things that come to mind.

However, there are a number of other factors that could leave you with a less-than-perfect smile – including cracked or broken teeth, uneven wear, pointiness, slight overlaps, a tooth that’s a different size or shape than the others and pitting on the surface.

Although these things can all have a negative affect on the attractiveness of your teeth, the good news is that they can be easily fixed with a bit of tooth contouring.

Here at Museum Dental Suites, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services and our team of specialists have extensive experience in tooth contouring. Whether you need work done on just one tooth, or a number of your pearly whites need attention, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve the gorgeous smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Do my teeth need to be contoured?

The whole point of tooth contouring is to re-shape teeth that have been slightly damaged or have grown in a way that’s either different from the ideal or in comparison to your other teeth.

Dental contouring is a cosmetic procedure and it is most commonly used on the upper teeth that are visible when you smile – the central, lateral and canine teeth.

As well as improving the aesthetics of your smile, tooth contouring can also be beneficial to your overall oral hygiene. For example, if contouring is used to fix an overlap, you will find that it is easier to keep your teeth clean after the treatment is completed. In turn, this will enable you to better prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

In some cases, dental contouring might not be the most appropriate choice. This is normally because there are other underlying problems that need to be addressed – such as tooth decay or alignment problems. Your dentist will be able to discuss these issues with you and help to determine the best course of treatment.


Teeth contouring and dental bonding plus tooth whitening following Invisalign

Case 13 Befor Case 13 After

How does tooth contouring work?

If you’ve decided to get your teeth contoured or re-shaped, it’s likely that you’ll need to visit the dentist two or three times before the work is completed.

During the first visit, the dentist will discuss the options with you and examine your teeth to make sure that dental contouring is the right choice. This may also involve getting your teeth x-rayed.

The second visit will be when the majority of the contouring work is carried out. Using a number of different tools, including a drill and polishing equipment, the dentist will carefully remove small amounts of tooth to carve it into a more attractive shape. Since only tiny parts of the outermost layer of tooth are removed, most patients go through the procedure without anaesthetic and without feeling any pain.

Depending on how much work needs to be carried out, the reshaping session usually takes between thirty minutes and one hour.

In most cases, the dentist will want to see you again for a third, follow-up appointment. During this visit, your teeth will be examined and minor touch-ups might be made. You’ll also have the chance to ask your dentist any questions.

How much does teeth contouring cost?

At Museum Dental Suites in London, we typically charge £150 to £300 per tooth for cosmetic dental contouring. You will get a discount if you have several teeth treated at once. Tooth reshaping is an affordable cosmetic treatment that can dramatically improve your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry from Museum Dental Suites

If you’re curious about whether tooth contouring could help to improve your smile, or if you have any other questions or concerns about your dental hygiene, please don’t hesitate to contact Museum Dental Suites on 0207 036 1999.

Our suites are situated in central London and we have worked hard to create a relaxing atmosphere where our patients can feel at ease. We offer a variety of cosmetic dental services and our team will be happy to discuss your needs in great detail to ensure the finished result is a smile you can feel proud of.


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