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3 Treatment Options to Straighten Your Teeth without Braces

3 Treatment Options to Straighten Your Teeth without Braces

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October 08, 2018

In contrast to the huge human population on this planet, only a handful of them have a perfect teeth setting. Imperfect teeth diminish your confidence when you smile. Moreover, it makes your brushing and flossing efforts somewhat more difficult. 

Thankfully, orthodontic dentistry has improved a lot in the recent years. As a result, it is now easier to fix the problems of misaligned or imperfect teeth. In accordance to this development, popularity of adult orthodontic braces is steadily rising across the UK.

There’re well-defined treatment strategies that can straighten the teeth without using braces. But before discussing the latest teeth straightening treatments, let’s explore how traditional braces work.

The way braces work:

Braces and teeth aligners, including the invisible invisalign braces, are meant to apply calculated pressure very gently on the teeth to facilitate their movement from the original position to the desired one.

Modern teeth straightening treatments depend much on computer technology and 3D digital graphics. Your dentist or orthodontist will first examine your mouth thoroughly and determine the treatment that suits you the best. At this point, you can discuss the alternatives of braces for teeth straightening. You just make sure that whichever alternative you choose, it shouldn’t prove to be harmful for your teeth and the gums in the long run.

Teeth straightening options without braces:

Your options to straighten the teeth without using braces include the following:

  • Porcelain veneers: Traditional veneers had bad reputation of killing your natural smile. In contrast to that, veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is important to note here, the dental porcelain veneers procedure won’t facilitate your teeth movement. They smartly cover up the appearance of the teeth that are a little misaligned, crooked or gapped. The veneers treatment involves an interesting procedure. A thin layer of your tooth enamel is first removed. This makes the tooth-coloured veneers look more natural when fitted on the teeth. Moreover, this ensures that there’s no impact on your natural bite. Just like false fingernails, veneers cover up teeth stains and other imperfections including chipped tooth. As a result, your smile becomes more beautiful and attractive.
  • Retainers: It is one of the most popular alternatives for teeth straightening without using braces. However, it is applicable only in cases involving mild to moderate level of misalignment. If your misalignment problem is very mild, you’ll be required to wear the retainers only in the night. Else, you’ve to wear it both during the day and the night.
  • Aligners: For more misaligned teeth, one has the option of using aligners. These are somewhat like mouth guards and fitted over the outer surface of your teeth. Modern aligners are made from transparent plastic. Under normal circumstances, it’s tough for anyone to know that you’re wearing them. This treatment is also called invisible teeth straightening. Invisalign is the commonest type of clear aligners available commercially. Invisalign aligners are also ideal to fix many other dental problems including overbite and underbite.

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