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Sweets That Are Good For Your Teeth

Sweets That Are Good For Your Teeth

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May 26, 2016

Scientists have claimed to have developed a new sweet that actually helps to reduce tooth cavities.

Research by German biotech company Organobalance has been published in the Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins journal, revealing details of the treat and how it can potentially stop bad bacteria from attaching itself to teeth.

Cavities are caused after we've eaten – when bacteria left on the surface of the tooth releases acid, softening and ultimately damaging the enamel.

However, after testing the sweets on rats, researchers have said that eating these specific goodies releases a special type of bacteria called Lactobacillus paracasei, which combines with the bad micro-organisms to nullify their effect.

A further study was then carried out involving humans, with participants given either the sweets or a placebo. Over the course of two days, the people taking part were not allowed to eat or drink wine, tea, coffee or probiotic foods and they were also not allowed to conduct any oral hygiene activities like brushing their teeth.

After this period of time had passed, the subjects had their saliva collected by the scientists for analysis. They found that around three-quarters of those who had consumed the sweets displayed "significantly lower" levels of bad bacteria in their mouths compared with the placebo group.

Last month, a study by Reading and Oxford universities claimed that the UK government would be able to lower the levels of tooth decay across the country by imposing a tax on sugary drinks.

The report - published in the British Medical Journal - predicted that those aged between 16 and 29 would be the group likely to be most affected by any such legislation.

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