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Say No To Oral Problems With Emergency Dental Services

Say No To Oral Problems With Emergency Dental Services

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August 24, 2016

A dental emergency can be both frightening and a painful encounter. Often people do not know what comprises of dental emergency, who they need to call and what they may do at home in such situations.

Certain oral conditions are considered to be urgent while others can be treated in a non-emergency basis. As such, it is very important to know the difference between the two if you face a dental accident at night and require immediate treatment. There are various reputed clinics in London where the experienced dentists and orthodontists can help you solve your oral problems.

What exactly is a dental emergency?

In simple words, it is the pain or discomfort that is present in your mouth and teeth. This may lead to complicated problems, if not treated on time. You may need to go for an initial visit to the emergency dental care clinic in London to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist. If you are suffering from extreme pain, call your dentist immediately to overcome this problem. Other situations when you need to visit your oral advisor are:

  • Cracked or fractured tooth – A cracked or fractured tooth is painful and may lead to wearing a crown or going for root canal treatment, if left untreated. If the pain is intolerable, get in touch with an expert immediately.

  • Chipped tooth – A chipped tooth need to be treated after the accident though it may not require immediate care. Make sure you assess the pain of your chipped tooth so that you fix an appointment with the dentist immediately.

  • Lost tooth – If a tooth gets knocked out or avulsed, you will have to clean it but do not scrub the tooth. When this occurs there may be discomfort and bleeding in your mouth. You should retrieve your tooth/teeth and seek help of emergency dentists in London within the next hour. Try to put the tooth back into the socket or keep it in a clean cloth, a glass of milk. Rapid action can create a lot of difference between saving your precious teeth and losing them permanently.

  • Toothache – It may be difficult to treat tooth pain. Use a soft brush, floss and rinse to get rid of small food particles between the teeth. However if the pain still remains, it may indicate a serious problem thus, leading to some kind of mouth infection.

  • Broken jawbone – Any kind of injury that breaks your jawbone may have an impact on your oral health. Although ice will lessen the swelling, you will have to go to an oral advisor without delay. They may suggest proper care and treatment to recover from the problem of broken jaw.

  • Damaged braces: Your braces may turn from your dearest friend to worst enemy, when damaged. If the braces are cutting into the soft tissue of your mouth, you should try to push it back in its place. After this, you may call an orthodontist who will make arrangement for permanent repair.

Dental emergencies are a big responsibility on your part since it is all about saving and protecting your teeth from further damage. Make sure you know if it is urgency or normal condition before contacting your dentist for immediate treatment. You may visit Museum dental suites for an emergency appointment in case you are suffering from severe tooth pain.


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