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Procedure Lets Cosmetic Dental Patients Try Before They Buy

Procedure Lets Cosmetic Dental Patients Try Before They Buy

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May 26, 2016

A new procedure has been developed in the US that allows people who are considering having cosmetic dental surgery to see the results in their own mouth before they invest in having the treatment.

FloSculpt lets the dentist show their patient exactly what their smile will look like without undergoing any invasive measures. The results are also thought to be more accurate than previous impressions of surgery results that are generally displayed on a computer or a wax model.

Dr Albert Amriz, who invented the method, said: "This process gives patients what they want – great results in less time taken out of their daily lives."

If it was to be introduced in the UK, it is hoped that FloSculpt would also be cheaper than current procedures because there are no costs associated with the creation of traditional tooth moulds in dental laboratories.

The process itself is said to be painless and does not involve needles, with Dr Ambriz using resin to sculpt a patient's mouth to create the "perfect, imperfect smile". Once the demonstration is complete, the person having the procedure can see how they look before the resin is removed – at which point they decide whether they would like to go ahead with the cosmetic surgery.

FloSculpt's website also claims that it is unique in that it uses anatomical landmarks as well as facial features to determine the proper size of the teeth set to undergo treatment. These references are important because they are points that can be used all the time – regardless of whether or not a person's appearance changes over the years.

Museum Dental Suites offers a range of cosmetic dental procedures and our team of specialists have a wide range of experience in tooth contouring. As well as aesthetic benefits, this type of treatment can also improve oral health if your teeth overlap – making it difficult to clean them properly.


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