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Our Emergency Dentist In London Offers Emergency Dental Care Tips

Our Emergency Dentist In London Offers Emergency Dental Care Tips

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June 3, 2016

Emergency dentistry is a very important service and one that many people will find that they need to access at one time or another.

The sudden onset of toothache is miserable and can be very painful. Sometimes it is so severe that you cannot even make it to the local dentists office. In that case you will need to see an emergency dentist to get relief from the pain or a temporary measure that will reduce the pain.

We thought that we would let you know of some remedies to try at home with items that most of us will have around the house.

Almond, Peppermint, Vanilla, or Lemon Extract

Try soaking a cotton wool ball in one of the extracts for some temporary relief form the pain. Hold the cotton wool ball to the area of pain for a short time.

Therapeutic Oils

Some oils have some pain relieving properties and can also relieve inflammation. Try rinsing your mouth with, clove oil, oregano oil, nutmeg oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil or tea tree oil diluted in some water. You can also apply this to the tooth with a cotton wool ball.

Roots & Leaves

Peppermint leaves, Plantain leaves, garlic and ginger root can reduce pain in a similar way to the oils and extracts mentioned above. They also have antibacterial properties which are very good at reducing pain.

With peppermint and plantain leaves (that can be dried), chew on them in order to release the anti-inflammatory properties. Then hold the pieces of the leaves over the sore places. Use garlic by crushing it into a paste, or mix it with rock salt, and apply directly to the sore area. With ginger its simple - just take a fresh piece of ginger and chew it for pain relief.

Citrus fruits

Perhaps it might taste a bit sour, but lemons and limes will provide toothache relief. This is produced high amounts of citric acid and vitamin C that are present in both of these fruits, that work to destroy bacteria and to support the immune system. Cut the fruit into slices, then bite into them to release the juice, and place on the area where you feel pain.

Hot Water & Salt

Last but not least, the easiest home remedy. The properties of salt and hot water have been used for many years to soothe a toothache. It works by drawing the irritation causing fluid out of the gums and reducing the aching feeling. Mix one tablespoon of salt in a glass of water that is hot or warm and then gargle or rinse.

We hope that you find these temporary fixes for toothache useful. They should provide a temporary solution to your toothache until you can get to the dentist and have the problem fixed. Of course the best thing to avoid this kind of situation occurring is to make sure that you visit your dentist and hygienist regularly and take care of your teeth.


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