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A Guide on Invisalign Troubleshooting

A Guide on Invisalign Troubleshooting

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3rd November, 2020

For most Invisalign users, the journey to getting a perfect smile is stress-free, but, a few persons experience difficulties which tend to discourage them from getting the perfect smile they deserve.

With the right set of tips, you should be able to manage any Invisalign difficulties, and, in most cases, you could call your orthodontist to book an emergency appointment which usually comes at no additional cost.

The following simple tips should tackle most of the common Invisalign problems people face during their treatment, and it could also come in handy for you.

  • Missing Invisalign aligners

If you misplace your aligners, this shouldn't be a problem. All you need is to use the previous set of aligners while you arrange for new ones. Endeavour to call your orthodontist to get the right set of aligners.

Sometimes, you may be able to move to the next set of Invisalign aligners when you misplace the current set. This usually depends on how long you used the lost aligners. To avoid this problem, always put your Invisalign clear aligners in their cases whenever you take them out to brush, eat or drink anything other than water.

  • Aligners rubbing the cheeks and tongue

Sometimes, new sets of aligners irritate the tongue or inside the cheeks. Although for most persons, the mouth adapts to the aligner trays within a few days while you wait for your mouth to adjust to the aligners, you may use Invisalign gel to cover the affected areas.

If any edge of the aligner is sharp and causes you intense discomfort, you can gently file it down using a nail file or contact your Invisalign provider to adjust the rough edges.

  • Teeth ache

If your teeth ache from wearing a new set of aligner trays, you should avoid strong foods that require chewing for a few days until the ache subsides. Over-the-counter pain relief medication like paracetamol can help ease the pain.

  • Lisping

Some Invisalign patients experience slight lisping when they switch their aligner trays. If you experience lisping, it will ease off after a few days as your tongue adjusts to the aligners, then your speech would return to normal.

  • Bad breath

Bad breath may be due to poor hygiene. If you notice your breath is bad, you'd have to review your brushing routine. Always keep your teeth and aligners clean then follow your orthodontist's advice.

Always being with a toothpaste and brush would come in handy because, after every meal, you have to brush your teeth, but, if you can't swish water in your mouth before re-inserting your aligners.

  • Less-than-perfect result

If your Invisalign treatment is almost over or you are on the last set of aligners, and you are not comfortable with the position of your teeth, you may need additional scans to get more aligners. This stage is called the refinement stage, and it may be part of the cost of your Invisalign braces.

  • Excess saliva

Having excess saliva in the mouth while wearing aligner trays are common, but as your mouth gets used to the aligners, the saliva production will reduce.

  • Difficulty in removing the aligners

Your orthodontist will show you how to insert and remove your aligners correctly, but removing some aligners may be difficult for you. As you wear the aligners, they become easier to remove and insert.

To minimise the difficulty in removing a new set of the aligner, wear the aligner trays before you sleep as this gives your teeth more time to adjust to the new set of aligners.

  • Missing attachments

If any of your Invisalign attachments fall off or you accidentally swallow it, do not panic, contact your orthodontist to arrange an appointment to fix a new one, but continue to wear your aligner trays as you wait for your new attachments.

  • Forgetting to wear your aligner trays

To have a successful Invisalign treatment, you need to wear your aligners daily for a minimum of 20 hours. If you fall short on this, you may have a relapse or prolong your treatment. Forgetting to wear your aligners may require you to take another scan to get new aligners or start your treatment again.

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