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Emergency Care For Children Teeth Injuries

Emergency Care For Children Teeth Injuries

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July 9, 2016

Playing Sports without using a mouth guard, biting down some hard food and grinding your teeth are some ways how children can crack, chip or lose their teeth. Injuries caused to your children’s teeth are quite common these days. It may range from small chipping to a knocked out teeth. Both baby teeth as well as permanent teeth can be injured. When giving emergency care (first aid) to your child, your aim should be to avoid further harm to their permanent teeth. Some causes of teeth injury are unexpected accident while playing, running, jumping, falling suddenly and flying different objects.

Different kinds of teeth injuries

Your child may suffer from various teeth injuries. Some of these are:

  • a slight chip

  • a major chip

  • a severe fracture that represents blood vessels and nerve in the centre of the teeth

  • a displace tooth that can be forced upward, downward or sideway

  • a knocked out or an avulsed tooth.

Treating teeth injuries with proper care

If your child has a slight chip or lose tooth, it is advisable that you visit the dentist. He will be able to assess the damage caused to the tooth and make sharp edges even. If your child has a broken, knocked out or loosened tooth, it is considered to be an emergency case. Wash your permanent tooth with water and place it again in the tooth socket before taking him/her to the dentist. In certain cases, you can save your child’s knocked-out permanent tooth by replacing it right way in its proper position in the mouth. Your child must keep the tooth in place by biting on a gauze pad or with a finger.

If he/she cannot put the tooth back into the socket, you can keep it in a cup of milk. It is suggested that you do not place the tooth in plain water, salt water or carbonated soda. Rather, pack the cup in a cooler by keeping some ice and take it with you when looking for preventive care by dentist in Holborn for your child.

Seeking medical care for teeth injuries

If your child has recently met with teeth injury, it is best to visit urgent dental care by Holborn dentist who can help get the right treatment. Like other well-qualified dentists, Holborn dental practitioners have helped innumerable people to get rid of teeth problems.

Find the tooth your child has lost – You need to call your dentist immediately to know if it is a permanent tooth or baby teeth with smooth edges.

Keep the tooth in a solution – Keep the tooth in a salt solution or in a milk container. You may even place the tooth between the gums and lower tooth. However, don’t keep it near tap water.

Try to place tooth in the socket – You may try placing the tooth in the socket without touching its root. Allow your child bite down to keep it in place.

Keep the tooth in a container - If the tooth is kept in a container, ask your child bite down on a gauze pad to ease pain and bleeding.

If you are residing in London and its nearby areas, seek help of advanced dental techniques and treatments by emergency dentist in London and give your child the best dental care. Your child should wear mouth guards or protective gear when skateboarding, biking and inline skating. This will prevent them from any kind of teeth injuries when playing outdoor games.


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