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Considerations To Follow For Your Emergency Dental Care

Considerations To Follow For Your Emergency Dental Care

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September 16, 2016

Are you suffering from severe tooth ache and mouth pain? Do you feel you have made it too late to visit a dental practitioner? How often do you see your dentist for routine checkups? Well, even if you see an expert regularly and have good oral health, there may suddenly be times when you or your family member needs emergency care and treatment. The worst part is that when your mouth is throbbing with pain or your child has broken teeth, you may not know where to search for an emergency dentist. There are various reputed clinics in London where you will find 24 hour emergency service. Contact a clinic in case you or your loved ones require immediate treatment.

Whom should you call during dental emergency?

Most clinics have a department for 24 hour emergency dental services and treatments. The first step is to call a dentist and explain your exact situation. During out of hours service, you may have to dial another number to call an oral surgeon who can help you during emergency.

What is considered as an emergency?

It may not be easy to predict when a tooth, gum or mouth problem needs emergency care. Let’s have a look at some situations considered as dental emergencies.

Cracked tooth – If you have a broken or chipped tooth, call your dentist immediately. Rinse your mouth with warm water and hold an ice-bag compressed on the affected area before visiting an expert.

Knocked out tooth – Hold your tooth at the crown carefully and wash it with water to get rid of dirt from its root. Make sure you don’t damage soft tissue attached to the root of the tooth. Try to push it into the socket with fingers and bite down on it. Tooth should not be left to dry outside the mouth and so, store it in a milk container. Visit an oral surgeon within half an hour to have an increased chance of saving your tooth.

Lost crown or filling – You need to fix an appointment with the expert for lost crown or filling. Get rid of any pain by taking over the counter pain killers or applying oil to the sensitive areas, however consult your surgeon before choosing any of these options.

Damaged braces – If you have damaged braces, call an orthodontist to get them changed. You may need to visit your orthodontist on the same day based on the extent of the damage caused. However, in other situations, you may be able to wait till your next appointment with an expert.

Severe toothache – Rinse your mouth with warm water and floss the area to be sure that there are no food particles between the teeth. It is advisable to call your oral surgeon if the toothache persists for a long time.

Some dental emergencies can be life threatening. As such, if you are suffering from pain in your mouth, don’t hesitate to consult your 24 hour emergency dentist in London. The earlier you may seek treatment for your oral problems, the more chance you’ll have for good oral health and successful result.


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