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Clicking jaw- what is it? And what treatments are available from your dentist

Clicking jaw- what is it? And what treatments are available from your dentist

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A click in the jaw happens to most people at some point in their lives and proportion of those people will have it. 

It is often just a painless issue that your dentist can keep an eye  on and review. In some cases the click is very loud and can be embarrassing in social situations as it can be heard by others whilst eating.

Often these clicks are related to pain and locking of the jaw joint which can happen when eating hard food, yawning or after some trauma to the jaw.

A major cause of clicking jaws is tooth grinding or bruxism. This usually happens when people are sleeping and can be worse when they are stressed. The reason is due to tension levels, increased levels of tension in the ligaments and muscles holding the jaw system in place can slightly deform the shape of the joint and result in the bone 'clicking' over a the cartilage (or disc) located in the joint itself.

Often patients with clicks have an imbalance in the bite where the teeth do not meet in a comfortable position and the jaw joint is constantly readjusting itself during chewing motions. This is something which our dentists at Museum Dental Suites can look into and assess.

Some patients develop jaw clicking due to poorly positioned wisdom teeth, this can be relieved after removing those problem teeth.

Most patients have a spectrum of underlying pain and tension in the muscles, headaches, neckaches and migraines. At its worse it can be a debilitating condition.


In many patients the simple treatment is to monitor and give advice on massage techniques, exercise techniques and pain control medications.

Osteopathy and physiotherapy can also definitely help to relieve some of the muscular pain.

In some patients readjusting the bite is necessary where the jaw and the bite are looked at in a holistic way and the teeth readjusted by either polishing a small amount away or adding restorations to attain a better bite position. Braces or Invisalign aligners can also be used to move the teeth into better positions to reach this result.

Bite guards are very important in helping with clicking jaws, there are numerous types of guards that can be used Michigan, Tanner, deprogrammer, anterior bite planes, mandobupat advancement splints, the list is long! It is important to choose the right splint for the issue.


As you can see the treatments for this condition are varied and tailored to every patient. Please book in with us and we will give you a tailored estimate to treat your clicking jaw.


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