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Latest Procedures to Repair Your Broken or Chipped Tooth

Latest Procedures to Repair Your Broken or Chipped Tooth

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14th October, 2019

Let’s start with an incident from the early college days. Friends settled down in the cosy atmosphere of the pantry for a light snack. One of them ordered an ice cream and suddenly realised something in the mouth, which is hard and it won’t melt. That ‘thing’ was neither crushable by the teeth. Sadly, it was a piece of a broken tooth.

A dentist, in London, who possesses an excellent track record in handling cases of porcelain bonded dental crown says, the enamel is one of the hardest mineralised tissues in our body. Yet there is a limit o its strength bearing capacity. Moreover, if you’ve a diseased or weak tooth, the overall complexity obviously becomes higher leading to a chipped or broken tooth.  

Tips to deal with a chipped or broken tooth

  • Most important thing to deal with a chipped or broken tooth is to avoid pressing the panic button. Modern dentistry has evolved unbelievably and it is possible to fix and retain a chipped, broken or fractured tooth, provided you reach a dentist as early as you can.
  • Meanwhile, if you experience much pain, rinse the mouth well with a salt water solution prepared at home. It is also alright to take one of the pain-killer pills that are available over the chemist’s counter.
  • If the trauma creates a sharp edge in the tooth, make sure to cover it using a sugar-free chewing gum or a tiny piece of wax paraffin. This will protect the tongue as well as the inside of the cheek and the lips from getting cut.
  • Avoid a meal in such circumstances. If you should eat, have anything soft. Most importantly, avoid biting the food down with the broken tooth.

Treatment for a chipped or broken tooth depends on the severity of the damage. If just a tiny enamel piece has come off, the problem can be solved with a single office visit. On the other hand, if the damage is severe, you have to go through a time-consuming and expensive treatment procedure to fix the damage.

Dental bonding or filling

When a tiny piece of tooth enamel comes off, the damage is repaired using a filling. If one of the front tooth gets damaged and your smile is affected, the dentist may apply a procedure called composite dental bonding. It involves using composite resin that matches the colour of your teeth.

The treatment is so simple that you don’t need any numbing medicine to ease any pain. The dentist will clean the affected tooth with a specially formulated gel or liquid to ensure the bonding material sticks to its surface well. In the next step, a dental adhesive is applied to the tooth, which is followed by a resin, identical to your teeth colour.

The bonding material is then chiseled to give the shape of a natural tooth. In the last step, the oral healthcare expert applies ultraviolet ray to harden the bonding material.

Dental crown or cap

If a significant portion of a tooth gets knocked off or a tooth is badly worn out due to dental caries or decay, a skilled and qualified dentist can file away the remaining tooth and cover it up with a dental crown or tooth-shaped cap. The crown or cap not only protects the already damaged tooth from further damage but also contributes to its appearance.

Dental crowns are made from metals, resin and ceramic. These days, crowns made of ‘porcelain fused to metal’ are also available. Different varieties of crowns offer different advantages. Porcelain and metal crowns look similar to the natural tooth whereas the metal ones last longer.

RCT or root canal treatment is usually performed in cases where the entire crown part of a tooth gets knocked off but the root portion remains intact. A post or pin is placed in the canal of the affected tooth to provide support to the artificial crown. Lastly, the artificial crown is adhered to the post or pin using dental cement.

Dental veneers

When any of the front teeth gets chipped or broken, dental veneers help to cover its shape and appearance. Veneer for the teeth is nothing but an ultra-thin shell of composite resin material or porcelain and it comes in the colour of your teeth. It is somewhat like a false nail that you wear on your fingertip to cover the fingernail.

Dental veneers treatment requires little preparation. Your dentist has to scrape about 0.3 to 1.2 mm of your teeth enamel from the surface. This damage is irreversible and so you should go ahead with this treatment only after in-depth consideration. Your veneer is customised in a dental lab based on the impression of your tooth taken earlier by the dentist. Veneer is fixed to the tooth using dental cement. Once the veneer is correctly placed, a special light is applied to hurry up the process of cementing to bond the veneer with the tooth surface.

Root canal therapy or RCT

When a chipped or broken tooth is damaged enough to expose the pulp, your dentist is likely to perform root canal therapy. The pulp is the layer that lies below outermost enamel of the tooth and contains the blood vessels and the nerves. Bacteria present in the mouth can easily infiltrate and infect an exposed pulp. Symptoms of infected pulp include tooth sensitivity and toothache. In severe cases swelling and inflammation are also common.   

If an infected pulp tissue is not removed the entire tooth may get diseased and finally you have to undergo tooth extraction. Root canal therapy is an invasive, clinical procedure to remove the diseased pulp and washing the root canal before sealing it.

Usually a general dentist or an endodontist performs this treatment procedure. Local anesthesia is injected before the treatment to dull your sensation of pain. An artificial crown is placed atop the remaining tooth to protect and reinforce it. The treatment normally requires multiple visits to the dentist spanned over few weeks.

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