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Benefits of Motivating Children to Develop Sound Oral Hygiene Early

Benefits of Motivating Children to Develop Sound Oral Hygiene Early

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09th July, 2019

According to a survey carried out recently, 4 out of every kid in the UK aged between 2 and 11 develop dental caries. Again, similar number of youngsters aged between 6 and 19 suffer from cavities in their permanent teeth. Thus, helping kids develop sound dental hygiene is a relevant topic in the present times.

But if you think a good dental hygiene only helps kids prevent caries, then you’re horribly mistaken. It caters to much more than just preventing cavity formation in their teeth. Let’s explore those facts in the following paragraphs.

Benefits of sound oral hygiene for children

  • Overall health and wellbeing: Oral health and overall physical health are inter-related. In other words, bad dental health of a child can affect his or her normal growth and development. When a child has some problem or the other in his mouth, not only his proper feeding is affected but it may also hamper his normal speaking, smiling and even the ability of adapting to different social situations. Persistent dental conditions also cause pain, discomfort, embarrassment and low self-esteem.
  • Cognitive development: Children with poor oral health are often found to be poor academic performers. They not only score low in various cognitive assessments but also suffer from relative impairment in learning ability. Rate of attendance in schools is also low for them compared to other kids because of frequent toothache and visiting dentists on emergency basis.
  • Chronic medical conditions: Poor dental health often leads to severe chronic health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gum or periodontal disease, stroke and others at later part of life. If your child learns the right oral health tactics early, he or she will have higher chances of avoiding those chronic medical conditions in later life.
  • Psychological effect: Low oral health condition invariably affects every child psychologically. Frequent toothache can make your kid bad-tempered by nature. He or she may also be irritated easily and fail to control his or her emotional semblance. These factors affect their bonding with friends and peers. Gradually, they may develop the perception of being rejected by others.

As one of the best dental hygienists in London, Robiha Nazir points out few more benefits of teaching children sound oral hygiene habits early. According to her, children often suffer from general health conditions like vitamin deficiency, acid reflux and teeth grinding or bruxism. Regular assessment of their mouth proves helpful to detect these conditions at the initial stages.



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