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Before You Consider Teeth Whitening Consult With The Reputed Dentist In Holborn

Before You Consider Teeth Whitening Consult With The Reputed Dentist In Holborn

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June 13, 2016

A lot of people wish that their smile could be a bit whiter and brighter to give them more confidence. With the food and drink we eat leading to staining and dulling of our teeth there is always room for tour teeth to be a bit whiter and our smile a bit brighter.

Teeth whitening strip

Tooth whitening strips are advertised as an effective and inexpensive way to achieve white teeth. They can work well and will be better than buying a tooth whitening kit on line without knowing much about what that kit contains. But there are pros and cons to this method of tooth whitening.

How teeth whitening strips work to whiten your teeth

Tooth whitening strips are made of a plastic that is flexible and has a coating of a whitening gel that will normally contain a peroxide. When applied to the teeth the peroxide gel is held against the teeth by the strips and that will allow the gel to permeate the tooth and begin to lighten its colour. Typically the whitening process will need to be repeated every day over a period of about 2-3 weeks. This looks like a cost effective way of achieving whiter teeth but they must be used properly.

Avoiding the risk of an uneven whitening

Even if you are very careful when you place the strips on your teeth there will always be places that the strip does not cover since the strip is two-dimensional while your tooth is three-dimensional. As the treatment is on going it should be possible to cover all the tooth surface by placing the strip over a slightly different area each time. But be warned uneven results are a real possibility or worse - yellow edges around your teeth that are not a good look.

Guard you gums!

The bleach in the whitening strips although it is not as strong as the ones that the dentist will use, is still capable of damaging the soft tissues in your mouth as well as your gums. Keeping the agent away form your gums is easier said than done. You could use scissors to cut the strip so that it matches the line of your smile better although there is a delicate balance between getting the coverage right and the gums clear of the whitening agent, and it is not something that you will get right every time.

Tooth Sensitivity and avoiding possible damage

Although the whitening strips are fine to use now and again if you have sensitive teeth you should take care. Even if you don’t have sensitive teeth using the strips too much might cause your teeth to become sensitive and might even lead to erosion of the enamel that will cause a lot of pain and might even lead to teeth being lost. Get a check up to ensure your mouth, gums and teeth are healthy enough for this whitening method.

So are Whitening Strips a good idea?

For teeth that are stained and discoloured teeth whitening strips can help to restore a whiter and fresher look to the teeth for very little expense. For a bigger budget teeth whitening in the surgery or dental veneers will produce a flawless result.


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