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A Dentist Is The Right Person To Care For Your Dental Emergency

A Dentist Is The Right Person To Care For Your Dental Emergency

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September 2, 2016

Dental emergency is unexpected and an accident can occur at any time. Starting from a sports injury to a fall, there can be innumerable situations that may put you at risk for a dental emergency. Although these emergencies are not life threatening, they demand attention and a visit to the dentist. It is important to consult your dentist to avoid further damage to your teeth, gums and mouth. This will help you solve such emergencies and restore good oral health.

Knocked out tooth – A tooth that has completely removed from the socket due to a fall or an injury should be handled quickly to improve its chances of remaining feasible. If a tooth is knocked out, try to place it back into its place gently. In case an avulsed tooth cannot be placed in the socket, keep it in a cup of milk or cover it in saliva before visiting your oral surgeon. Immediate treatment is needed to save the tooth. Make sure the dentist you have chosen provides emergency dental service anytime.

Broken or chipped teeth – Accidents and injuries may break, crack or chip your teeth and as such, they become loose. If the damage has occurred to the mouth for a long time, it may lead to further injury, when not treated on time by an expert. If you have chipped teeth, fix an appointment with a dentist and inform about the accident for immediate treatment. Keep tooth pieces in a clean container and show it to your dental practitioner. He may try to re-attach broken fragments to damaged tooth.

Lost filling – If you have lost a filing, the interior portion of your tooth will be exposed. It may be quite painful to eat and drink initially till you get it replaced. Until you see your dentist, pack a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity where the filling had been to overcome the pain for the time being.

Severe pain in the teeth – If you have sudden toothache, rinse your mouth properly with warm water and floss gently to ensure small food particles are not lodged between the teeth. It is advisable that you call your dentist immediately and know how to overcome such a situation. This may occur due to gum infection, irritation, swelling, cracks and other teeth problems.

Going for routine checkups to your dentist will lessen the chances of most dental emergencies. However, if they do occur, it is advisable to visit 24 hours dentist for emergency and treat your oral problems on time.


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