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14 Facts about Invisalign

14 Facts about Invisalign

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26th April, 2021

Having crooked or misaligned teeth can be the key reason why you lose your confidence level. It is important to get your teeth straightened for improving your overall appearance and Invisalign makes it much convenient for you. The treatment is all about wearing your clear aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily, as suggested by your provider and removing them only when eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. This will ensure you get the desired results within the specified time. Go through this blog post to know about 14 facts for your Invisalign treatment.

  1. Who will see me to discuss my treatment with Invisalign at Museum Dental Suites?

At Museum Dental Suites we always advocate that you do your research before you choose an Invisalign provider that to carry out dental work for you. After all, you and your dental team will work very closely together over a period of months.  Having confidence in the people treating you is therefore very important.  You could get treatment with Invisalign from any dentist but an orthodontist is a specialist who has done extra training in this area so we feel that this extra experience in moving teeth with the help of braces makes an orthodontist the best person to carry out the treatment.

  1. How much will Invisalign treatment cost?

Of course, it is never a matter of one size fits all and having this kind of treatment should be considered as an investment.  A guide to treatment costs, however, would be that it would cost between £1750 and £4950 pounds for treatment that is carried out over about a year to 18 months.  if the case is very complex then obviously the cost is going to be greater but on the other hand simple cases or cases that require only mild adjustment can start at around one thousand five hundred pounds.  We will be able to offer you finance at 0% percent interest if you would prefer to spread the cost in this way.

  1. How do I know that the Invisalign treatment will work in my case?

Whenever you have braces whether they be traditional or the new invisible type of brace, adjustment will need to be made to your lifestyle.  With Invisalign aligners you need to commit to wearing them for a period of no less than twenty-two hours each day.  They can of course be removed for eating and drinking, this is encouraged when anything other than water is being imbibed.  Because they can be removed so easily, it can be tempting to leave the aligners out but This is why your commitment to treatment comes in and you must be very strict with yourself to achieve the very best results.  In most cases Invisalign treatment will be possible, however your dentist may recommend fixed braces because there are still some cases where this is considered the best treatment.  Before your treatment starts you will be given access to a 3D simulation called ClinCheck to who exactly how the new alignment of your teeth will look. There is a charge of £350.00 for this but should you choose to have this the cost of it will usually be taken off your final bill for treatment.

  1. How many weeks must each aligner be worn for?

Each of the aligners is worn for a period of two weeks before you change them for the next set in the sequence. When you are moving teeth, this should be done slowly and gently because if an attempt is made to make teeth move too quickly the roots can be affected and shrink leaving the tooth unstable.

  1. will the aligners feel strange in my mouth?

Because the teeth will move very slowly with your Invisalign treatment you should feel no pain during the treatment. Some people do say that there is a little tenderness as each aligner is changed to the next in the set, but this is a good thing as it is an indication but the teeth are moving in the way that they're supposed to. As with anything new there will be some time when you are getting used to the feeling of the aligners but you will very soon get used to them and some patients even report but they miss them when they finished treatment!

  1. Will anybody notice that I am wearing my Invisalign braces?

although it is true but Invisalign aligners are all but invisible people might mention that there's something different about you although they don't know exactly what that is.  The aligners sometimes will make teeth look a bit shinier and they may also show some evidence of a bit of discoloration when it's almost time for them to be changed.  Most people, however, do say but people can't tell that they're wearing Invisalign braces unless they tell them.

  1. Will Invisalign braces affect my love life?

It is quite possible for you to carry on with your life without any inconvenience and dating and even kissing should not be a problem when you are having treatment with Invisalign.  Make sure however that your Invisalign braces are always nice and clean and fresh using the cleaning method that your dentist has advised.

  1. Will I speak differently when I'm wearing my Invisalign braces?

Right at the beginning of treatment you may find a slight change in the way you speak but once you've got used to the braces, your speech will soon return to normal

  1. I have heard that there are such things as Invisalign attachments, what are they?

Invisalign attachments are an integral part of having treatment within you're in your Invisalign treatment.  They allow the aligners that you are wearing to grip tighter in certain places where there is more complex tooth movement.  Invisalign attachments will be tooth coloured and if you use your Invisalign braces correctly they too will be virtually invisible.

  1. What is meant by Interproximal Reduction?

in today's orthodontic treatment every effort is always made to remove a healthy tooth to allow other teeth to be realigned. To avoid removing these healthy teeth, interproximal reduction is employed as a special technique that removes a minute fraction of a millimetre from the enamel of your tooth.  This procedure, in skilled and expert hands is completely safe and will allow sufficient room for your teeth to come into line and to be straightened.  This treatment will not harm your teeth at all and is also completely painless.

  1. How do I clean my aligners properly?

The most effective way to keep your aligners clean is to brush them with a very soft toothbrush and a small dab of the toothpaste you use every day.  You could also buy dissolving cleaning tablets to soak your aligners in if you feel that they need to be freshened up.

  1. Drinking and eating while you are using Invisalign aligners

One of the things that people like most about Invisalign aligners is the fact that they can continue to enjoy the foods they love without restriction because the aligners are removed for eating and drinking, in fact they must be removed before any food is eaten or any drink because heat from food or liquids can distort them. Any food that contains acid or sugar can interfere with the saliva which is naturally produced to fight bacterial build-up.

  1. Will I have to visit the dental surgery often during my treatment?

You will be asked to come back and see your orthodontist every six to eight weeks so that he or she can check on how treatment is progressing and can give you more aligners, normally at a rate of about three or four sets each time you visit.  You might also need to have intra proximal reduction that we mentioned earlier and your orthodontist will continually assess you for that.

  1. After I have completed treatment will I then need to continue with retainers?

It is true to say then after you've had any kind of orthodontic treatment you will be asked to wear retainers to keep the teeth in the new position and stop them from moving back to their original position. You will need to continue to wear the retainers permanently and for life.  There are currently two types of retainer that we recommend to our patients. One is a fixed retainer with a thin wire that is secured at the back of the front teeth and the other is what is called a bedtime retainer which is removable and works in much the same way as your Invisalign aligners have worked. This type of retainer can be used a couple of nights a week along with the fixed retainer. 




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reviews-star.pngI have been undertaking a cosmetic treatment (Invisalign) for around eight months here, off the back of a recommendation of a friend who had the same treatment. The professionalism and perfectionism with which my treatment was delivered was outstanding, as was the general service and were all of the staff I encountered.

My dentist Dr. Wahab Shakir was particularly great, with a friendly, reassuring manner and an eye for detail. He always went above and beyond, without ever being asked.

I'm now almost at the end of my treatment and couldn't be more pleased with how treatment has gone. Given the service and end result I'd also consider it excellent value for money.

Keep up the good work Museum Dental Suites!


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I had called for an emergency appointment due to a sudden cracked tooth and Dr Wahab Shakir despite the end of day fast approaching (30 minutes till close) he said he would see me.

The treatment was not straight forward due to the crack but Dr Shakir after a lengthy time managed to save the tooth/restore it and prevent what I believe most dentists would have done which install a crown - Thank you!

Highly recommend this dentist and service and I am grateful for not only seeing me within an hour but also staying passed closing time and finally for doing a Stella job.


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