Dr. Homa Rezaie

Dr. Homa Rezaie

Dr. Homa Rezaie

Dr. Homa Rezaie - Museum Dental Suites GDC Number : 67093


Dr Homa Rezaie qualified from the University of Dundee in 1991 with subsequent academic and teaching positions at Kings College London. Homa has a passion for striving to offer the best client experience and unsurpassed service. She is proud of the dedicated team that share her vision in this and her energy and enthusiasm in creating the best environment for our clients is infectious.

Clinically, Homa has a particular interest in minimally invasive dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. She has many years experience of providing family dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry as a principal. She regards all her patients as individuals with unique needs and is very tuned in to involving them when choosing the most suitable treatments. She is dedicated to putting anxious or nervous patients at ease and treats all patients with compassion and kindness. She is delighted that her enjoyment of dentistry means she embraces every day at work with pleasure. In her spare time Homa plays tennis, is a writer of short stories and spends time with her family and friends.


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