Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in London - Best Option for Smile Makeover

A beautiful smile can make you look more attractive and boost your self-confidence – and while there are many ways to achieve perfectly straight and white teeth, one of the easiest and most popular options for a smile makeover in London is porcelain dental veneers.

Dental veneers are wafer-thin, custom-made coverings for your teeth that are designed to be placed over the tooth to give the appearance of a perfect smile. Depending on your specific requirements, the veneers can be used to change the colour, size, shape and length of your teeth. We use this dental veneers made from high quality porcelain composite to correct a number of defects and irregularities including crooked, missing, gapped, crowded, overbite, chipped, protruding or discoloured teeth.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers:

  • Longevity and strength – These veneers are made of solid and sturdy material that guarantees you can still be able to enjoy your favorite meals. 
  • Permanent solution – Veneers should keep going for 10 to 15 years with the support of good oral cleanliness. 
  • Modifies your smile – Teeth impressions will be sent to the dental research center and the veneer will be carefully assembled and balanced with individual teeth. 
  • Simple and quick procedure – The arrangement of veneer can be practiced within two dental visits. 
  • Stain-resistant – Your teeth veneer are very resistant to stains. You can keep up more white and more shiny teeth while drinking tea, espresso and other tainted items that may make recolors the teeth as long as you clean well. 
  • Cosmetic advantages – These veneer can help with improving chipped, broken, split, stained, and marginally misaligned or broadly dispersed teeth. They are typically used for cosmetic reason and set on the front and on visible teeth. 
  • Short recovery time – After the situation, you can leave the dental practice and resume your daily exercises. 
  • Joined with other dental medications – Tooth whitening can dispose of recolored and stained teeth. You will have more shiny and more white teeth and an appealing smile that everyone will be jealous of. 
  • Improved level of confidence – An improved smile will make you highly sure about your appearance.

Procedure of Porcelain Veneers:

Having dental veneers placed will require a few visits to the dental suites. This will start with a consultation to help you decide the right options for your requirements. During this appointment, your dental professional will also examine your overall oral hygiene and the condition of your teeth to determine if you are a suitable candidate for dental veneers. In some cases, additional corrective treatments may be necessary before the veneers are placed.

Smile Design software may also be used to help you see what the finished results will look like before any actual work begins.

Once the dentist is happy with the health of your teeth, the next step will be to prepare the surfaces of your teeth to accept the veneers. Your teeth and gums will be numbed with local anaesthetic and a thin layer of the front surface of the teeth will be removed. Impressions will be taken of your teeth and sent to a lab where the veneers will be manufactured.

The final veneers normally take one to three weeks to be completed, so in the mean time, patients will have temporary veneers placed over their teeth to protect the exposed tooth and hide the work.

During the waiting period, your dentist may advise avoiding certain foods that could cause the temporary veneers to come off – like sticky sweets. Foods and drinks that are very hot or cold could also cause sensitivity.

When the final veneers are ready, you’ll return to the dentist to have them permanently bonded to your teeth. Before cementing the veneers in place, your dentist will hold each one up to your teeth to determine whether they are an appropriate colour and make any small adjustments to the shape so that they fit in your mouth just right.

The Options Available at Our Clinic

Veneers are very thin and can be made from porcelain or resin composites. Both materials have their benefits – porcelain is better at resisting stains and reflects light in a similar manner to natural teeth. They usually last between five and ten years before needing to be replaced.

Meanwhile, composite veneers are much thinner, meaning that less of your natural tooth surface will need to be removed. However, they typically need to be replaced every two years or so.

There are also a number of specialist veneer brands. For example, Emax, Da Vinci and Durathin are three companies that manufacture high-end porcelain veneer products using patented materials. These veneers can be made much thinner and stronger than other types and can be fitted without having to ‘shave’ away any of the natural tooth – making the process faster, safer and less painful.

Smile Makeover at Museum Dental Suites

If you’re ready for a smile makeover, look no further than the friendly and professional team at Museum Dental Suites. We are committed to providing high quality porcelain veneers to all of our clients.

Our boutique suites in Bloomsbury have been created to provide tranquil surroundings and we will discuss every aspect of your treatment plan to help you feel at ease with the work you’re having done.

To find out more or to book a consultation, please phone us on 0207 036 1999.

Faqs on Porcelain Veneers

What are dental veneer?

Veneer are thin durable shells made of tooth shaded materials that are attached to the outside of a tooth to improve its appearance.

Am I good candidate for porcelain veneers? 

If you have recolored or chipped teeth, you may be keen on veneer as they will conceal your current teeth. They are likewise a famous treatment for smile makeovers or for people who need their fantasy smile.

Should I choose composite bonding or porcelain veneers? 

Ask your prosthodontist which alternative is best for you.  If the required changes are minor and the teeth work properly, cosmetic bonding is a fitting choice.  If teeth are divided, broken, dull, and additionally the patient grips or clenches their teeth, at that point porcelain veneer might be the favored choice.

How long do dental veneers last?

Ordinarily, a veneer endures around 5-10 years. They don't need any special care other than brushing, flossing, and visits to the prosthodontist. If taken care properly, they can last any longer. Proficient cleanings like every 6 months and yearly tests are exceptionally prescribed.

How would I care for my veneer?

Brushing multiple times every day for two minutes, flossing day by day, and wearing a bite guard during the evening are fundamental approaches to ensure the full protection veneer. It is likewise advantageous to abstain from eating hard food like almonds, or breaking shells with the front veneer.

How much do veneers cost?

The cost of porcelain veneers will vary depending on where you are having them done, and on what number of teeth.

What can I eat and what foods should I avoid?

You can eat most foods, yet every patient has an alternate bite. Accordingly, we prescribe eating gentler foods in the first couple of days until the patient becomes used to the new chomp position. Following a little while, there is no constraint except if your case has specific necessities. The most widely recognised nourishments to stay away from are ice, hard rolls, hard treat, caramel apples, hard nuts, pumpkin seeds, and popcorn.


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