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Keeping teeth and gums healthy and seeing your dental hygienist regularly is the starting point to a lifetime of trouble free teeth. Keep the appointments you are given and you will benefit from a healthy smile and the chance for your hygienist to spot any troubles that you might have early enough for the dentist to intervene and stop a problem like gum disease taking hold.

When you visit your dental hygienist at Museum Dental in Holborn, the appointment will normally take about thirty minutes. During that appointment our skilled hygienist will carry out a scale and polish of your teeth. This will be done using various dental hygiene methods. These may include the use of an Ultrasonic Scaler to remove the surface stains on your teeth and that will also tackle the build-ups on the teeth that are not only unsightly but can threaten your dental health. Most of our patients really look forward to their dental hygiene appointments because of the great clean feeling they have after each appointment that gives a great boost to their self confidence.

Hygienist Tips on How to Keep Your Mouth Clean and Healthy

Flash Pearl Polish - Standard Hygiene Treatment:

The Flash Pearl Polish is a standard hygiene treatment but also incorporates a stain removal process using the airflow machine. This machine works by using fine air-polishing powder that will tackle and remove the heavier staining that can be caused by smoking or the stains left by drinking coffee or tea. This treatment is also a particular favourite with patients who suffer with sensitive teeth because they usually find this ultrasonic cleaning is very gentle on their teeth sensitivity.

Advice of the Hygienist - Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy:

At the end of your dental hygiene appointment, the hygienist will give you personalised advice about how best to care for your teeth and how to optimise your dental health at home. They will advise on how to use dental floss optimally, the right angle to hold your toothbrush and the best toothbrush to use. Along with the hygienist, your regular dental appointments will ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Your dental hygienist will advise on:

  • The most effective brushing and flossing or your teeth
  • How best to prevent the gum diseases periodontitis and gingivitis
  • Ways to prevent bad tastes or halitosis (bad breath)
  • The link between some gum diseases and other health problems e.g. heart disease.

The dentists at Museum Dental in Holborn, London will always recommend that you keep the appointments that your hygienist. That will normally be at about three to six monthly intervals.

A dental hygiene appointment will be available for all our patients who are seeing the dentist on the team.

If you have not been for a check-up in the last two years or if you are not registered with us, our dental hygienist will ask you to sign a consent form and also complete a medical history document that should be submitted prior to your appointment with us.

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